Dear Editor,

I’m responding to a letter on published on May 24, written by Estancia Valley Solid Waste Authority Manager Andy Miller, “Solid waste manager calls for new county contract.”

I would like to know what are the consistent messages this manager has been receiving from residents and county commissions? As a resident, I have no complaints on their well-run trash station or service that is given from friendly, helpful and hard-working employees who are a part of our community.

About the true cost and recommending termination, it has been Miller who has been saying these things at solid waste board meetings, so that statement is false. See the EVSWA Board meeting minutes from Aug. 17, 2017, Dec. 21, 2017 and May 17, 2018.

The county is well aware of these statements.

As far as the solid waste contract with the county, this has been in place for years. This service has been serving the county residents for 20 years. It benefits both the county and the EVSWA, and is a win-win for all of us residents by keeping costs down by receiving grants, capital improvement money and other governmental funding.

Going out for a competitive bid would only hurt us. Under bidding by private business would cut our service and raise our rate and cost the county more. Private business is out for profit, government provides services for the best interest for their residents.

This manger, Andy Miller, indicated and supported terminating the contract which would terminate jobs, close our stations, destroy our 20-year-old system, which he even said is superior above all other solid waste services throughout the state.

What! Which way is this guy going and what type of person is he?

We, the residents of the county, pay Miller his salary and benefits of more than $100,000 a year. To do what: destroy jobs, our system, services, go against what was recommended by the board of directors (his bosses)? If Miller wants to see something terminated, let’s call for his contract to be terminated.

As a resident of this county, I would encourage and urge the rest of the residents to contact the solid waste board, county commissioners and ask that Miller’s contract be terminated due to unwillingness to protect jobs, our service and our system, and negative feelings toward all county residents and going against the recommendation of his bosses, the solid waste board.

The only thing that was said is that the county will take over billing. Stations and jobs will not be effected, unlike Miller wants.

The county is still looking into this with legal at the time of this letter.

Dan O’Connell

Torrance County resident