Dear Editor,

It is always sad when a community loses a business. But, it is especially sad to have the Mountain View Telegraph closing. A newspaper is part of the glue that keeps a community together — informed, engaged, connected — they help define our very community identity in many ways.

It is unfortunate that Number Nine Media, which is a subsidiary of the Albuquerque Journal, felt compelled based on the numbers to make this business decision. While as a business organization, we do understand that, as a community member, it stings.

The closure of the Mountain View Telegraph only stands to underscore the need for residents of this region to “Keep It Local!”

When you support local businesses with your purchasing power, you help assure choices and variety of shopping and service options. Your dollars spent locally not only buy the products you desire, but provide employment for local neighbors and the small business owners who in turn, spend their money locally.

It is very sad to lose the Mountain View Telegraph and its hard-working staff — most live locally, too. But, let this be a wake-up call to support our local businesses and make our East Mountain/Estancia Valley region a vibrant and prosperous one.

It is a choice we can make as consumers, and a goal that is within our power to achieve.

Linda Burke

Executive Director

Greater Edgewood Area Chambe