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Queen of the throne

When an honor comes your way, the best thing to do is say thanks and move on.

Moriarty to develop pay plan

Employees with the City of Moriarty have spent the last six years wondering around budget time whether they would get a raise, a pay cut or have to take unpaid furloughs.

Coming Up

<b>Shooting club's monthly practices</b>

Easter event fills park with color

As far as Easter egg hunts go, the annual Bethel Storehouse Easter Egg Hunt at Moriarty's City Park last Saturday was pretty easy — the brightly colored plastic eggs were in plain sight.

Google to buy Titan Aerospace

By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer Google Inc, which confirmed today that it bought the unmanned-aircaft company Titan Aerospace of Moriarty for an undisclosed price, plans to build a…[Read more]