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Funding change concerns mayor

The town of Edgewood dodged a bullet this legislative session, but town councilors say it may still suffer major budget concerns down the road.

Water planning panel chief gone

The chairman of the Estancia Basin Water Planning Committee submitted what was referred to as a "colorful" letter of resignation to the Torrance County Commission.

Smith, Beffort pleased

Even though state lawmakers finished with their part of the legislative session on Saturday, they are still watching and waiting to see whether their bills get signed or not.

Drones made in Moriarty

It may be hard to believe, but just across from the quiet fields of tall, brown grass and cattle in Moriarty, a group of young men are producing cutting edge technology that they hope could soon eclipse satellite communications.

Animals on camera at history center

To anyone who has ever wondered what kind of animals scurry around when people aren't there, or why south-facing slopes always seem to be a little rockier than north-facing slopes, you're in luck.